5-Juillet-1962 Stadium - Alger - Algeria

5-Juillet-1962 Stadium - Alger - Algeria


  • Building: 5-Juillet -1962 stadium, Algiers, Algeria
  • Implementation: CSCEC / ZAME ALGÉRIE 
  • Treated surface area: 30,337 m²
  • Period: 45 days


The 5-Juillet-1962 stadium is a football and athletics olympic stadium located in Algiers in Algeria. Opened on Saturday, 17th June 1972, it is part of the Mohamed-Boudiaf olympic complex and hosts in particular the Algeria Final Cup, international meetings of the Algeria football team and major athletics events.

On 21st September 2013, a part of the stadium bleachers collapsed.

On March 2014, the Chinese CSCEC company started by removing 2,300 pavers forming the upper bleachers and replaced them for delivery in December 2014. On March 2015 started the waterproofing works. 
The bleachers waterproofing system has been applied on upper bleachers, gutters and rainwater evacuations.

The system is composed of:

  • One Primaire H80 coat (250 g/m²),
  • Three Alsan® 500 resin coats(600 g/m² per coat. RAL 7032),
  • One Alsan® 500 top coat with thin nonslip silica (300 g/m². RAL 7047 for bleachers. RAL 9016 for steps and for vomitories walls).


Primaire Alsan 500Alsan 500 Colle


Concerning the expansion joint (1,200 ml) :

  • Primaire H80 coat (250 g/m²),
  • An Alsan toile JDX strip is applied by lyre way and stuck on both sides of the joint with Alsan® 500 Colle (500 g/m²),
  • Application of a backing foam in the hallow lyre,
  • Application of the polyurethane putty and over a framework with the help of toiles de renfort Alsan®,
  • The Alsan® 500 system covers this reinforcement.

Stade du 5 Juillet 1962