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Discover how to waterproof underground walls!

Polyurethane is the perfect insulation material for practically every building. Furthermore, polyurethane is suitable for many areas of application, from basement to roof.

Discover how to waterproof an accessible with pavers on paving supports with insulation panel!

Discover how to waterproof under tiles without insulation panels!

Discover how to waterproof a Non Trafficable Self Protect Flat Roof with Insulation!

Discover how to waterproof a Non Trafficable selfprotect flat Roof without Insulation!

WHITE REFLECTA NT is a special white paint water based, high-performance, heat-insulating and heat-reflecting, with excellent characteristics of elasticity and water repellency.

More than 4,000 sqm of PVC-P FLAGPOOL NG11, colour sand, protect and refine the new free shape swimming pool at the Danaide Resort, in Scanzano Jonico.

COLPHENE BSW is the ideal solution when property lines do not permit the excavation outside the perimeter of the foundation.

The ACOUSTIBOARD panel is a revolutionary product that eliminates the need for the 38 mm (1 ½ in) concrete covering that is usually poured over wood structures, while providing excellent acoustic performance.