Automated application of fully bonded bituminous membranes with a Mini-MAMMOUTH machine



Following the MACADEN development at the end of the 90’s and the mini-MACADEN which is in service since 2008, the SOPREMA teams continue to progress with the Mini-MAMMOUTH developed in their workshops.

This new machine, dedicated to the application of fully bonded bituminous membranes, has been developed to keep the flexibility of the Mini-MACADEN®, simplifying  and making it even easier to maintain. SOPREMA has managed to keep the same dimensions, however, the heating nozzle has been completely modified to offer an enclosed heating system. It’s is powered by electric engine which operates by using a generator located near the gas tanks (no longer on board). These new changes have made it possible to enhance the machine by reducing energy consumption, limiting noise and facilitating maintenance.

The performance obtained in terms of quality of weld and application are equivalent…. The Mini-MAMMOUTH can weld bituminous membranes achieving approximately 800 m² per day with a typical team,  consisting of an trained operator,  two assistants (or a alone assistant  but equipped with a loading trolley) and a welder who will ensure that manual welding of the ends  of each roll. 

The mini-MAMMOUTH allows the application of any type of SOPREMA bonded bituminous membranes, SBS and APP solutions. Also, It is possible to use any bitumen membrane with reinforcements higher than 180 g/m² and maximum weight of 50 kg.


The mini-MAMMOUTH is used as follows:

  • Machine alignment.
  • Loading the roll on the machine should be  done by 2 people or with a single person helped by the loading trolley (optional).
  • Machine tilt and membrane passage under the pressure roller.
  • Machine start up and welding process happens throughout the length of the roll, the operator can adjust the feed speed of the machine to ensure a correct welding level and direction (within the flexibility of the membrane). The flexible pressure roll present in the machine ensures excellent distribution of the bitumen over the width of the membrane
  • The ends of each rolls must be welded manually


The mini-MAMMOUTH is connected to gas tanks (propane gas is used for greater efficiency) and to the generator with specific hoses. This equipment can be loaded on a specific trolley to facilitate transport (optional).

The machine can be used on all concrete supports decks or on reinforced steel roof’s. The application on the top of an insulation board without protection is not recommended.


Thanks to its reduced dimensions, the machine can be transported easily in a van. It’s advisable to use the dedicated metal storage box (optional) in projects where the machine will be stored  outside for prolonged length of time, this will ensure its protection and security.


The mini-MAMMOUTH is made in France (Avignon) and is available worldwide for sale and rental with operator . Compliance with CE requirements has been verified by the French independent body APAVE.  It can be sold with a storage box,  a transport trolley for gas cylinders, a generator and a roll loading trolley.


The  mini-MAMMOUTH

  • Quality: consistent welding quality.
  • Economical: Speed on application and low cost.
  • Ecological: Reduction on gas consumption by a new heating system and use of an electric engine.
  • Safety: Limiting use of flames and reducing noise levels.


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