Baltic tower




Project: Baltic Tower in Poznan, Poland

Subsidiary:SOPREMA Poland

Surface: 3,000m² - waterproofing of roofs and terraces

Products used:Sopralene® Flam + Soprastick® + Mamut Vap + Sopradere® + Alsan® 400

Details about the project: 

Poznan high-rise in the Jezyce district at Roosevelt 22, corner of Zwierzyniecka. The construction of the real estate Bałtyk started in November 2014 and ended in 30 months. The total area of this seventeen-storey building is 25,000 m², of which the largest part is occupied by office space - 12,000 m², less commercial space - 1,350 m². The project's investor is Garvest Real Estate, and its general contractor is a construction company PORR Polska Construction from Warsaw. The Concordia Design, Sheraton Hotel and the Rondo Kaponiera building complex are nearby.