TILTEX – Ligne 16

France - Paris



Product used : TILTEX® 

Owner : Société du Grand Paris

Installator : EUROVIA Etanchéité

Surface : 4500 m²


TILTEX® is a cimentitious geocomposite which can be used, as an example, as mechanical protection. In Paris, on the Line 16 Mandela’s Well (built by EIFFAGE), EUROVIA Etanchéité used it as protection on a PVC membranes system (FLAGON® BT 20) to substitute the concrete screed on 6cm before the installation of the main slab reinforcement.

There are multiple interests:

  • Easy and quick to install even with difficult access or on slopes,
  • no need to be casted on joints,
  • less digging (the bottom level is 5 cm higher)
  • less concrete used…

More information: civilrock@soprema.com