Wine warehouses




Project: "Les chais de l'Hospitalet" wine warehouses

Subsidiary: SOPREMA France

Surface: 4,000m²

Products used: Soprastick® SI + Sopralene® Flam 180 AR + Soprasolar® Fix Evo metallic pads.

At the foot of the "Massif de la Clape" in France, the new vinification and bottling process of the prestigious Hospitalet estate has an innovative roof! The bill of specifications demanded a building well integrated into its environment and providing a high-performance thermal insulation. In response, the Société d’Étanchéité du Midi (waterproofing society of south) has reinvented the use of the Soprasolar® Fix Evo metallic pads.

Commonly used to integrating photovoltaic systems on roof, they are serving here to anchoring dry bamboo sticks. They siting on top of a SOPREMA two-layer waterproofing complex of more than 4,000 m²composed by the Soprastick® SI and Sopralene® Flam 180 AR membranes.