PROTEC'CAVE® is a water repellent, low-odour, solvent-based and acrylic resin used to protect foundations and substrates from water infiltration as well as to prevent mold from developing.


PROTEC'CAVE® is applied onto several types of substrate like concrete, bricks, cement, brick walls and other masonry materials. It can be used indoors.

- powerful protection against moisture,
- sustainable fungicidal action,
- easy implemenation,
- clean finish.


Product must be well mixed before being used. The tools must be clean and imperatively solvent-free so as to avoid compromising the efficiency of the product.

1. Preparing the substrate Surface must be clean. Any defect in the masonry work must be treated beforehand:

  • Degrease and remove any impurities with an appropriate detergent.
  • Remove traces of salt or efflorescence using a chlorhydric or phosphoric acid-based solution.
  • Remove any powdery traces which may alter the resin's adherence onto the surface using a brush.
  • Remove mold with bleach or an antifungal cleaner. Rinse the substrate well.
  • Fill in holes and cracks with fine mortar.
2. Double-coat application:
  • Mix the resin before starting.
  • Apply a first coat with a brush or short-haired roller. Use the necessary amount in order to obtain a smooth film without air entrapments.
  • Allow the resin to dry.
  • Apply a second coat with a brush or a roller. Remove air entrapments.
  • Apply the resin in several cross shapes in order to optimize its adherence onto the surface.


Can of 5 kg. Used as a waterproofing coating for underground foundations:
- on porous surfaces: about 1,2 m²/kg.
- on smooth and compact surfaces: about 2,5 m²/kg.


Storage: 2 years in original can, in a cool, well-ventilated area, temperature must be kept between +5°C and +20°C.

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