SOPRAMUR is a multi-purpose bitumen emulsion-based coating with a cellular structure, without filler to be used directly on concrete or coated masonry.


SOPRAMUR is ideal for protection of concrete structures, underground walls, foundations, protection of metal parts, bonding of insulating materials or production of vapor barrier in cold rooms. SOPRAMUR is used as a coating without primer for low water pressure underground foundations for uninhabited premises.

Used for:
- bituminous coating layer for underground foundations (recommended on roughness surfaces),
- protection for concrete against low aggressions (acid and base).  


  • Surfaces will be cleaned beforehand.
  • Dry or absorbent surfaces should be moistened before application (diluted at 50%, consumption 0,3 kg/m²). Apply SOPRAMUR with a trowel on concrete surfaces.
  • Each layer shall be dry before application of the following one in 2 cross layers.
  • PROTECDRAIN can be use on SOPRAMUR to protect and to increase drainage for foundation walls.
  • For further details refer to specific technical information.
  • Tool cleaning: petroleum solvents (i.e. White Spirit, Xylene).


  • Cans: 10 kg or 30 kg.
  • Approximate consumption:
    - on rough and absorbent substrate (i.e. concrete, stone): about 1,7 kg/m²,
    - on smooth, non or low absorbent substrate (i.e. metal, wood): about 0,9 to 1 kg/m².
  • Storage: 2 years in original can, in a cool, well-ventilated area, temperature must be kept between +5°C and +20°C.

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