COLPHENE BSW V is a high-performance flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a composite reinforcement.


The topside is covered with specially engineered carbon dioxide crystals and the self-adhesive underside is covered by a silicone release film. Thanks to its special formulation and composition COLPHENE BSW V has excellent, continuous and homogenous bond to poured structural concrete, increased resistance to hydrostatic pressure and superior resistance to tears and punctures. Its unique design, including the DUO SELVEDGE technology, allows welding of side laps using a torch or a hot air gun. COLPHENE BSW V is designed for vertical blind side waterproofing applications (below grade and tanking works).


  • Reinforcement: composite.
  • Binder: Elastomeric bitumen: blend of selected bitumen and SBS thermoplastic polymers.
  • Topside: Specially engineered carbon dioxide crystals.
  • Underside: self-adhesive protected by a silicone release film.


  • COLPHENE BSW V is installed in vertical strips of 5 m maximum onto acceptable substrate.
  • COLPHENEBSW V membrane is adhered to substrate by peeling off the silicone release film.
  • Side lap joints must be a minimum of 100 mm and end lap joints must be a minimum of 150 mm.
  • Apply even pressure using a membrane roller over the entire surface of the membrane to ensure good adhesion.
  • The uppermost edge of each strip must be mechanically fastened to substrate using round plates of 50 mm diameter and appropriate fasteners for base material every 300 mm on center.

Over the entire width of DUO SELVEDGE, 55 mm of the surface is covered with self-adhesive bitumen.
The remaining surface of the selvedge (45 mm) is covered by a thermofusible plastic film to seal overlap by torch-on techniques.


- Thickness: 3,0mm (-5% ; +5%)
- Weight: 3,5 kg/m2
- Dimensions of the roll: 10m x 1m
- Weight of the roll: about 35kg

Rolls must be stored upright, with the selvedge side on top. If the product is stored outdoors, cover them with an opaque protective cover after removal of the delivery packaging.  

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