ANTIROCK® PR is a flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a heavy duty non-woven polyester reinforcement. The topside is protected by slate chippings and the underside by a thermofusible film.


ANTIROCK® PR is designed to be used for tunnels. Bitumen mass contains anti-root penetration properties.

- can be used untreated under backfill,
- anti-root resistance,
- high puncture resistance,
- resistant to UV rays,
- flexible when cold and hot,
- good weldability,
- possibility of automated installation, with standard rolls (MINI MACADEN) or long rolls (MACADEN).


ANTIROCK® PR is used for waterproofing underground structures. It is bonded onto the upper surface of the structure (a cut and cover tunnel for example) and is protected against puncturing by the backfill by a geotextile, a layer of concrete or asphalt. An anti-root treatment protects the membrane against attack from plants. This membrane has the same characteristics as ANTIROCK® PR, but also has excellent resistance to perforation by roots to meet the requirements of underground structures. The membrane is welded and smoothed onto a substrate prepared with primer: ELASTOCOL® 500 TP, GLACIVAP® (primer/pore filler) or AQUADERE® TP (solvent-free primer). The welding is performed: either manually with a flame, or automatically using hot air (MACADEN® system). The membrane is pre-heated before being applied and then the primed substrate and the bituminous sheet are heated alternately. A 90mm selvedge ensures easy overlapping.


- Dimensions: 8ml x 1m / Jumbo rolls 190ml x 1m
- Number of rolls per pallet: 25 rolls / 1 Jumbo roll
- Storage Upright on pallet


SOPREMA has always attached the highest importance to Quality Control. For this reason, we operate an independently monitored Quality Assurance System in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, certified by BSI Management System.

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