EP5 PERFORMA PL AR membrane is a torchable waterproofing membrane made from polymer modified bitumen (SBS elastomer) with a non-woven polyester reinforcement mesh (250 g/m²).


The reinforcement mesh is off center to obtain a 3 mm thickness under the reinforcement. The underside is covered by a thermofusible film and the top surface is protected by slate chippings. The grey-coloured slate chippings provide excellent mechanical protection during the application of coated materials as well as protecting against UV rays during the construction phases. It therefore does not require any form of temporary protection. CIVILROCK® assigns the highest importance to the quality of its products. This is why we operate a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 BSI certified.

- used directly beneath hot mastic asphalt,
- very thick,
- flexible in hot and cold climates,
- good weldability,
- high mechanical resistance,
- high puncture resistance,
- automated installation is possible with standard rolls (mini-MACADEN®) or long rolls (MACADEN®).


EP5 PERFORMA PL AR can be used for road bridges, rail bridges, car parks or slabs directly under rolled asphalt concrete. The membrane is welded and smoothed onto a substrate prepared with primer: ELASTOCOL® 500 TP, GLACIVAP® (primer/pore filler) or AQUADERE® TP (solvent-free primer). The asphalt is laid directly onto the membrane. On the primed substrate the membrane is welded either manually with a flame, or automatically using hot air (MACADEN® system). A 90 mm selvedge ensures easy overlapping.


- Dimensions: 8 ml x 1 m / Jumbos 130 ml x 1 m
- Number of rolls per pallet: 25 rolls / 1 Jumbo

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