SOPRAFILTRE is a filtering layer composed of a non-woven synthetic fibers, needle bonded and thermowelded.


  • SOPRAFILTRE is unrolled directly on the support ensuring to fold the 10 cm bridging strip. The SOPRAFILTRE may be temporarily held in place by using dots of glue SOPRACOLLE 300 N.
  • After laying the SOPRAFILTRE, heavy protection will be made to the advancement in the case of a loose laid waterproofing system, and in the case of an inverted roof.
  • In other cases, this heavy protection will be installed quickly (the product can be left exposed to UV maximum 1 month).


  • Dimensions of the roll: 25 m x 1,1 m
  • Area: 27,5 m²
  • Weight of the roll: about 2,8 kg
  • Dimensions of the roll: 90 m x 2,2 m
  • Area: 198 m²
  • Weight of the roll: about 19,8 kg

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