SOPRANATURE® GARRIGUE is a diverse vegetative associations in colors, shapes and volumes.


SOPRANATURE® GARRIGUE combines perennials like eyelet, dwarf iris, garlic, linear or viper's bugloss, succulent plants (sedum, purslane alive ...), of type lavender, santolina, Rosemary, helichrysum, etc.. The plant range available allows more creativity: massive, colorful islands create an attractive space for both human eye and wildlife. The vegetation is in the form of plants in pots and micro-lumps. Each project type SOPRANATURE® GARRIGUE had been a planting plan produced by the SOPRANATURE® department which choose the species in coordination with the prime contractor. The system offers a diverse and colorful appearance suitable for visible terraces.


- system suitable for patios,
- blooms timing from March to October,
- variety of volumes and colors,
- can be combined with accessories, wood-type tiles, concrete slabs, gravel...
- optimum adaptation to climate and exposure of the roof.


SOPRANATURE® GARRIGUE must be watering to the roots (min in a water terrace / 1000 m² to 4 bar pressure and 10 m3 / h flow rate):
- Permanent watering system required in some areas
- Implementation of the plants upon receipt
- Handle plants with care
- Implement except in summer and freezing


SOPRANATURE® department provides customized packaging and shipping of each site.

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