The Light Garden SOPRANATURE® GREEN is a regular and meadow SOPRANATURE® GREEN all year round, like a lawn.


Slow-growing grasses selected for the SOPRANATURE® GREEN system can get the look of a lawn while reducing maintenance constraints usually associated with this type of vegetation cover. SOPRANATURE® GREEN is an alternative to any proposed grass terrace.

- suitable for terraces accessible and non-accessible,
- combined with the SOPRANATURE® LANDE system, SOPRANATURE® GREEN allows the installation of tiles similar to traditional public gardens,
- uniform appearance with significant benefits to traditional turf: weight, maintenance and water consumption limited,
- integrates with all sites.


Installation instructions:
- Must be watering to the roots
- Permanent watering system
- Implementation of the plants upon receipt
- Handle plants with care
- Implement except in summer and freezing
- Vegetation is shipped in rolls precultured


SOPRANATURE® department provides customized packaging and shipping of each site.

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