VELAFIBRE ECO® is a thin under floor soundproofing material, composed with a non-woven polyester layer and covered by a plastic film.


VELAFIBRE ECO® complies with the French standard DTU 52.1 (installation of insulating undercoats under floating screed or plates, slab and under tiles-technical specifications).

- economical solution,
- stability of the acoustic performance over time,
- ranking SC1: allowing an implementation regardless of the type of installation,
- tongue integrated recovery, to prevent the passage of milt and allow recovery without additional thickness,
- the products are implemented in the direction of laying,
- wide range of peripheral strips.


VELAFIBRE ECO® isapplied directly to the support, posed jointed (edge to edge) with the covering folded back, coverings closed by adhesive strip of 5 cm width minimum. Please provide a provisional protection on the passage zones before protection, as long as screed in not made.


  • Roll dimensions: 60 m x 1,20 m (72 m²)
  • Roll weight: about 20 kgs
  • Storage Upright on pallet with plastic wrapping, protected against moisture

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