ALUFLEX is a reflective vapour barrier with a high resistance to tearing.


ALUFLEX can be laid, either in the traditional way on discontinuous substrate, either on wall on continuous or discontinuous substrate.

- heat reflection,
- 4 low permeability to water vapor.


ALUFLEX must be placed continuously on the inside of the heated room between the insulation and the inner lining. It concerns the entire outer shell of the housing or heated buildings.

  • Airtightness system : ALUFLEX is horizontally unrolled and stapled on the timber frame. To ensure a better airtightness of the building, an overlap of at least 10 cm is required between the sheets.
  • The entire overlaps, horizontal and vertical are jointed continuously with AIR STICK adhesive.


  • Dimensions of the roll : ≥ 50 m (length), 1,50 } 0,02 m (width)
  • Weight of the roll: about 12 kg
  • Marking: each package bearing the CE marking
  • Packaging: 50 rolls lying down per pallet


ALUFLEX is a vapour barrier to be used on roof in compliance with CSTB guideline 3560 (“Guideline for attics thermal insulation”). ALUFLEX is installed in compliance with standard NF P 21-204-1 (DTU 31.2 – “timber frame houses and buildings”).

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