EFIGREEN® DUO is a rigid polyurethane thermal insulation panel with a composite facing on its two faces.


EFIGREEN® DUO is HCFC/HFC-free polyurethane foam.

- effective, economical and lightweight, EFIGREEN DUO is particularly suited to thermal insulation on flat roof,
- quick and easy to install,
- high mechanical resistance.


EFIGREEN® DUO is a roof insulation panel for concrete, wood or woodbased panels, autoclaved lightweight concrete supports under loose laid waterproofing membranes under heavy protection. It is also suitable for green roofs. EFIGREEN® DUO can be used in 1 or 2 layers for new works or refurbishment and is also suitable for mountain climates.
In two layers, panels must not be loosely laid. EFIGREEN® DUO will be bonded (hot bitumen, cold-applied adhesive, mechanically fastened) or loosely laid with limitation of use, on the vapour-barrier. In accordance with Technical Approvals of the membrane and insulation, waterproofing system must be loosely laid under heavy protection such as gravels, slabs on adjustable pads or screed with an allowable load of 60 Kpa for 120 mm thick panel and 55.4 kPa for maximum thickness of 280 mm. The waterproofing membrane could have a lower limit. For equipment supports, indicated Rss values above allow to calculated concrete work.


- Packaging on pallet with plastic wrapping
- Storage Away from rain or sun


SOPREMA has always attached the highest importance to Quality Control. For this reason, we operate an independently monitored Quality Assurance System in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, certified by BSI Management System, environment (ISO 14001) and Health/safety (OHSAS 18001).

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