EFIMUR® is a rigid polyurethane thermal insulation panel with multilayer facing on its two faces used for buildings.


Panels EFIMUR® are used for internal thermal insulation of masonry walls (bricks, concrete blocks, concrete) with a lining wall in compliance with DTU 25.41 - plasterboard works - plasterboard with paper face.

The thermal insulation system is made of:
- EFIMUR® panels against the wall behind the metallic structure
- A traditional metallic structure:

  • simple or doubled studs without fasteners on the support according to DTU 25.41 § 6.4.1 or,
  • simple studs with APPUI EFIMUR® as intermediate fasteners on the support according to DTU 25.41 § 6.4.2,
  • optionally a thermal-acoustic insulation semi-rigid mineral wool (λ = 0,038 W/(m.K), installed between the studs.  
- Plasterboards.

Advantages of the product:
- the best insulation on the market,
- waterproof facings that ensure durability the performances and contribute to the air permeability.


The dimensions of the lining wall (width, assembly, center distance between studs) is made according to the imposed height between floor and ceiling. Using APPUI EFIMUR® allows to make a lining wall with studs M48/35 spaced of 60 cm, the height can reach:
- 3 m with 1 APPUI EFIMUR® fastened at mid-height,
- 6 m with 3 APPUIS EFIMUR® every 1,50 m.

The facing of EFIMUR® panels are airtight, so they may be used as airtightness of the vertical wall after treatment of joints between panels (with AIR'STICK adhesive) and horizontal junctions with floor and ceiling (with AIR SOPRASEAL®'INT sealant and strips of SOPRAVAP® KRAFT). Networks are incorporated inside the technical space between studs.


- Size: 2800 mm x 1200 mm
- Panels are packed on non-stackable wrapped pallet


EFIMUR® is a rigid insulation panel for buildings and complies with EN 13165: Factory made rigid polyurethane foam (PU) products.

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