SOPRAVAP® KRAFT is a vapour barrier / vapour retarder made of reinforced kraft. It can be laid either on roof in traditional way on discontinuous support either on wall onto continuous or discontinuous support.


Installation of an air barrier system: SOPRAVAP® KRAFT is horizontally unrolled and stapled on the timber frames. To ensure a better air tightness of the buildings, an overlap of at least 10 cm is required. All overlaps, horizontal and vertical, are grouted continuously with the adhesive AIR'STICK®. A continuous cord of mastic AIR'SOPRASEAL INT is used to grout SOPRAVAP® KRAFT with walls: floor, ceiling and joineries.


- Length: ≥ 50 m Width: 1,50 } 0,02 m
- Weight of the roll: about 11,7 kg
- Colour: Kraft topside, Kraft underside
- Marking: each package bearing the CE marking
- Packaging: 40 rolls lying down per pallet


SOPRAVAP® KRAFT is a vapour barrier / vapour retarder and complies with EN 13984.

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