SOPRAVAP® VISIO is a translucent vapour barrier / vapour retarder screen with a high resistance to tearing. It can be installed, either on the roof in the traditional way on discontinuous substrate, either on wall on continuous or discontinuous substrate.


Installation of an air barrier system: SOPRAVAP® VISIO is horizontally unrolled and stapled on the timber frames. To ensure a better air tightness of the buildings, an overlap of at least 10 cm is required. All overlaps, horizontal and vertical, are grouted continuously with the adhesive AIR'STICK®. A continuous cord of mastic AIR'SOPRASEAL® INT is used to grout SOPRAVAP® VISIO with walls: floor, ceiling and joineries.

Installation of with a blowing machine: SOPRAVAP® VISIO is particularly suitable for the blowing of the cellulose wadding in the holes with a maximum spacing of 60 cm between rafters.

  • horizontally place on the top of the cavity, the first strip of SOPRAVAP® VISIO with staples spaced of 3 to 5 cm,
  • place the second strip with an overlap of 10 cm minimum,
  • battens (cladding rail) will be fixed on rafters to support the external coverings, with a maximum spacing of 60 cm. One batten will cover the overlap grouted with AIR'STICK® ,
  • tape AIR'PATCH® on SOPRAVAP® VISIO on the top (20 cm from the upper cladding rail) and at the middle of the hole,
  • insert the extremity of the pipe through AIR'PATCH® , previously cut around the extremity of the pipe on 1/3 to 1/2 of its circumference,
  • blow in the hole. it may be necessary to drill some holes in SOPRAVAP® VISIO with a screwdriver in the upper half of the cavity to facilitate the removal of air,
  • tape a second piece of AIR'PATCH® on the first one to fill the blowing hole. Caulk, by using AIR'STICK® , any holes made for the evacuation of air. · grout the vapour barrier SOPRAVAP® VISIO on the floor, ceiling, joineries, by using the sealant AIR'SOPRASEAL® INT to ensure a better air permeability of the building.


- Length: ≥ 50 m Width: 1,50 } 0,02 m
- Weight of the roll: about 9 kg
- Colour: translucent
- Marking: each package bearing the CE marking
- Packaging: 40 rolls lying down per pallet


SOPRAVAP® VISIO is a vapour barrier / vapour retarder screen and complies with EN 13984.



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