SOPRADALLE CERAM is a monolithic stoneware slab. SOPRADALLE CERAM is a perfectly squared straightened, with felled edges and non-slip surface for exterior uses.


- Monolithe colored in the mass
- Resistant to frost damage
- Skid-proof R11 structured surface
- Resistance to changes in temperature (+60°C to -50°C)
- High resistance to the load
- Simple implementation
- Ease to clean


SOPRADALLE CERAM is installed on support pads in SOPREMA's Technical Guidelines in force. Slab layout consists of 2 steps : - installation of paving support pads (or separation layer in the case of a direct installation). - installation of the slabs. A cleaning (as for example with high pressure water) is required after the installation. SOPRADALLE CERAM, with its compliance with European standard EN 14411, showing a maximum deviation from the flatness of } 2 mm, forms a flat surface when installed on pads. Therefore, on some slabs, it can be observed some temporary stagnation of water after rain. This possible stagnation of water can vary from one slab to another, but does not change the characteristics of the slabs (frost resistance, mechanical strength, scratch resistance ...). Furthermore, SOPRADALLE CERAM has a surface structure that allows it to obtain very good results to various slipperiness tests. SOPRADALLE CERAM has an R11 classification (according to standard DIN 5130) and meets the requirements of the standard used for swimming pool (DIN 51097) A+B+C. The residual water present on some slabs after rain does not deprive it of its anti-slip character.


Dimensions (width x length): 600 (} 2) mm x 600 (} 2) mm Thickness: 20 (} 0,5) mm Weight: 47 kg/m2 (17 kg/slab) Colours: Dark grey, Beige, Grey

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