EAC NEO is a SEBS modified bitumen, specially designed for the hot-bonding of the heat resistant thermal insulations, SBS modified bitumen membranes.


  • Usually used for hot bonding of the thermal insulation panels or roof waterproofing membranes, it is necessary to refer and to comply with the Technical Approvals DTU series 43, technical guidelines SOPREMA in wich are specified the uses allowed for EAC, the consumption and the concomittentes limit of uses (for example the type of insulation compatible with the temperature of application, maximum slope, etc...).
  • EAC NEO is applied in the molten state, at a temperature of 190°C (± 20°C).
  • EAC NEO is packed in loafs of 20 kg and is warmed in adapted melters, at temperatures not exceeding, in any case, 250°C.
  • EAC NEO is a poor heat conductor so the temperatures are equalized very slowly. Avoid local overheating which could lead to a degadation of EAC NEO. Spread EAC NEO with appropriate equipment (bucket, watering can) and equalize with the squeegee.


  • Siliconed boxes of 20kg
  • 24 boxes per Europallet

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