SOPRACOLLE® 300 N is a read-to-use, cold-bonding adhesive made up of a bituminous binder, bonding agents and solvents.


SOPRACOLLE® 300 N can be used under cold weather conditions, with storage in a temperate area and for strip or spot bonding of the following materials: bituminous membrane vapour barrier, cellular plastic insulation foam (polystyrene, polyurethane). SOPRACOLLE® 300 N should not be used with insulators lacking the required superficial cohesion or any insulator which has to be applied by full bonding, except when heavy ballast is used. Bituminous membrane with a sanded underside as a first layer on concrete or when applying new waterproofing on an old membrane or COLPREX 13 membrane on polyurethane insulation. Minor repair work and in particular for bonding bituminous membranes on metal, wooden or polyester areas.


SOPRACOLLE® 300 N when placed in strips or spots can be used to glue following material:
- bitumen vapour barriers membranes,
- thermal insulation boards in plastic foam (polystyrene, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate with compatible mat facers) or mineral wool,
- bitumen membranes covered with sand or renovation on old waterproofing,
- small repairs, namely for bitumen coverings on metallic, wooden or polyester surfaces.
Surface must be clean and free of all non-adhesive elements.

Bitumen membranes or insulating boards are glued with SOPRACOLLE® 300 N in strips or spots using a spatula for example.
Refer to related technical documents for further details concerning consumption and installation. After glue has been applied, it is still possible to readjust the boards as the glue takes a certain amount of time to dry completely. Adherence will progressively increase.

  • Application temperatures : +5°C to +40°C
  • Tool cleaning: Petroleum solvents (i.e. White Spirit, Xylene)


- Cans of 25 kg
- Plastic bags: 1,35 l each (about 1,6 kg)
- Plastic bags: 3,35 l each (about 3,5 kg)
- Approximate consumption (use in strips or spots):

  • On flat surface: about 500 g/m²
  • For repairing or on irregular surfaces: up to 600 g/m²
- Storage: 12 months in original can, in a cool, well-ventilated area, temperature must be kept between +5°C and +20°C
- SOPRACOLLE® 300 N can be also stored temporarily as low as -10°C, providing it is then stored at minimum +15°C, for at least 24 hours before its use.


SOPREMA has always attached the highest importance to Quality Control. For this reason, we operate an independently monitored Quality Assurance System in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008/EN 29001, certified by BSI Management System.

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