ELASTOPHENE® 25 AR is a SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a glass fleece reinforcement. The topside is self-protected by slate chippings and the underside is covered by fine sand.



  • Aesthetics: ELASTOPHENE® 25 AR offers a choice of eight colors. In addition to their protective role against external aggressions (UV pollution), the minerals colors provide a neat finish of the roof, allowing a perfect integration to its environement.
  • High performance: with a reinforcement Glass fleece the membrane has a perfect dimensional stability.
  • Versatility: ELASTOPHENE® 25 AR is designed to adapt perfectly to the differents cases of waterproofing in new construction as for repair.
  • Reliability and durability: ELASTOPHENE® 25 AR is made from a mixture of bitumen and polymers containing additives and stabilizers, which give a high resistance to weathering.
  • Easy implementation: the ELASTOPHENE® membranes are designed to be exclusively welded propane torch. The rollers ELASTOPHENE® 25 AR are welded up as you go. The plastic film covering the membrane melts easily in contact with the torch flame. Mixed and absorbed by the elastomeric bitumen, it contributes to excellent adhesion of the membrane on its support.
  • Warranty: ELASTOPHENE® membranes received a Technical guarantee of a reliability test of time.


ELASTOPHENE® 25 AR must be applied by torch-on techniques on a weldable underlayer (FLAM) or bonded with bitumen (EAC free of oxidized bitumen) on a sanded underlayer.


- Dimensions of the roll: 10 m x 1 m
- Weight of the roll: about 40 kg
- Colours: Black, Grey, Matisse brown, Gauguin red, Veronese green, Cezanne sienna, Chagall grey or Van Gogh ochre


ELASTOPHENE® 25 AR is flexible membrane for roof waterproofing and complies with EN 13707, thereby bearing the CE standard marking. General information concerning the CE marking, expressed in MLV, can be found below. For more information, please refer to the relevant Declaration of Conformity.

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