SOPRASOLIN® STAR is a self-adhesive waterproofing tape consisting of a highly resistant reinforcement applied to a white reflective top surface and coated with elastomeric bitumen.


The adhesive side of SOPRASOLIN® STAR is protected with a removable release film.

- tear resistant,
- puncture resistant,
- fiberglass reinforced,
- waterproof,
- self-adhesive,
- ease to install,
- flexible,
- aesthetics,
- lasting.


  • Brush and dry the substrate.
  • The substrate must be dry and free of dust. On porous or irregular surfaces, apply one layer of 600 or primer with a brush or roller (0,4 to 0,8 l/m² ; drying time 1 hour).
  • Unroll, place and cut the roll at the required dimension.
  • Remove the silicone film a few centimeters.
  • Apply this part, thereby formed, onto the support.
  • Remove entirely the silicone film, bond and press firmly using a cloth.


- Length: 10 m
- Width: 10 cm (8 rolls/box) or 20 cm (4 rolls/box)
- Color: white

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