STYRBASE STICK is a flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a non- woven polyester reinforcement.


The topside of STYRBASE STICK is protected by a thermofusible film and the underside by a macro- perforated film. This base sheet is used for loose- laid waterproofing systems. STYRBASE STICK includes a self- adhesive overlap ensuring an easy and reliable installation.


- high static and dynamic puncture resistance,
- fast and reliable installation.


The longitudinal overlap is self-adhesive and must be laid after removing the protecting silicone film. The transversal overlap must be installed with welding or blow torch. Hot bitumen must not be used in the bonding process. STYRBASE STICK will be applied directly onto suitable substrate (insulation, concrete or wood).


- Roll dimensions: 10 m x 1 m
- Roll weight: about 31 kg
- Storage: upright on pallet with plastic wrapping, protected against moisture


STYRBASE STICK is used for roof waterproofing and complies with EN 13707, thereby bearing the CE standard marking.

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