MAMMOUTH® SBS ALU FLAM PROVENCE is a flexible waterproofing membrane consists of a grid reinforcement + glass fibre fleece and elastomeric bitumen.


 The underside of MAMMOUTH® SBS ALU FLAM PROVENCE is coated with a thermoplastic film and the upper face is protected by an embossed aluminum colored sheet, which harmonizes perfectly with the current tile colors. MAMMOUTH ® SBS ALU PROVENCE FLAM is used as a self-protected topcoat and as an upstand in a waterproofing system made of sbs bitumen. the MAMMOUTH ® SBS ALU FLAM PROVENCE colors suited to the tiles and can be used to perform various works on roof: for example, around chimneys and other penetrations and mergers...


  • Excellent weldability: the membrane results from a mixture of SBS bitumen and thermoplastic polymers selected for their qualities of reliability and solderability.
  • Aesthetics: self-protected and embossed aluminum colored.


MAMMOUTH ® SBS ALU FLAM PROVENCE must be used as a self-protected topcoat, or as an upstand. It should be implemented in accordance with our technical advice.


- Roll dimensions: 8 m x 1 m
- Roll weight: about 30 kg
- Storage: standing on film-wrapped pallet


EN 13707 and is CE marked in accordance with this standard.

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