SOPRALENE® FLAM 180-40 AR is a flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a non-woven polyester reinforcement.


The topside of SOPRALENE® FLAM 180-40 AR is protected by slate chippings and the underside by a thermofusible film. SOPRALENE® FLAM 180-40 AR includes a thermofusible film overlap, width ≥ 85 mm.


  • High performance: non-woven polyester reinforcement of 180 g/m² offers excellent static and dynamic puncture resistance.
  • Versatility: designed to have a perfect adaptability to weather and movement of the substrate.
  • Reliability and durability: made from selected bitumen and polymers containing additives, which give a high resistance to weathering.
  • Easy to apply: underside and overlap protected by a thermofusible film for a quick and safe use with torch-on techniques. The topside is covered by slate chippings for the protection of the membrane against external elements and UV.


  • Roll dimensions: 8 m x 1 m
  • Roll weight: about 45 kg
  •  Standard colours : Black, Grey, Matisse Brown, Red Gauguin , Véronèse Green, Cézanne Sienna, Chagall Grey, Van Gogh Ochre
  • Storage: Upright on pallet with plastic wrapping, protected against moisture

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