SOPRADERE® QUICK is a ready-to-use cold applied fast drying bitumen emulsion primer composed of bitumen, volatile solvents and adhesive additives.


  • Before use, well homogenize SOPRADERE® QUICK. The tools used (roll, brush, rubber squeegee) must be clean.SOPRADERE® QUICK must be applied with a brush or a roller onto dry, clean surfaces, free of all dust and non-adhesive parts (concrete, wood, metal... previously degreased). Let dry completely before apply the waterproofing membrane.
  • Cleaning tools: petroleum solvent (white spirit, xylene for example).


  • Packaging: cans of 5 or 25 liters
  • Consumption depends on the uses and the substrate:
On rough and absorbent substrate (i.e concrete, wood):
- 5 L can cover about 20 m²
- 25 L can cover about 100 m²
On smooth, non absorbent substrate (i.e metal), the average consumption may be lower.

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