SOPRAKOTE is an over-stabilised, cold applied, bitumen emulsion acting as a waterproofing primer or a coating for low water pressure underground foundations for unoccupied premises.


Advantages of SOPRAKOTE:
- economic product,
- easy to apply,
- contains no dangerous components (solvent free),
- no fire risk,
- no transport constraints,
- perfect adhesion to the substrate,
- clean the tools with water,
- waste management without complications.


  • Product must be well mixed before being used.
  • The tools must be cleaned and imperatively solvent-free so as to avoid compromising the efficiency of the product.
  • Substrate preparation: surface must be clean (dusted and degreased). Any defect in the masonry work must be treated beforehand.
  • If used as primer: dilute SOPRAKOTE with 50% of clean, cold water.
  • If used as surface coating for buried walls: product must be used pure and in several layers. Apply product pushing strongly with a hawk.
  • Do not wet the surface until product is completely dry.
  • Caution:
- ensure product is well-closed after each use,
- inflammable product,
- do not swallow,
- do not throw waste into drains.


Cans of 5 or 25 kg.

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