ELASTOVAP is a bituminous vapor barrier composed of glass fiber reinforcement and elastomerci bitumen.


The upper face is protected by fine sand and the underside by a thermoplastic film. ELASTOVAP is used as a vapor barrier on common masonry, wood, concrete cell. ELASTOVAP also allows the installation of insulated panels for cold or hot glue. Compatible with many substrates, ELASTOVAP has a thermofusilbe underside easier to weld. Its sanded surface allows a cold bonding of insulation (COLTACK, SOPRACOLLE).


ELASTOVAP is implemented by welding propane torch: grip, in Independence (welded joints), semi-independence on perforated screen nailed on wood (welded joints). ELASTOVAP should never be welded on hot bitumen, or by cold adhesive.


- Roll dimensions: 10 m x 1 m
- Roll weight: about 35 kg
- Storage: 36 rolls per pallet
- Standing on film-wrapped pallet

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