Waterproofing membrane based on a self-adhesive and highly elastic SBSmodified bitumen and a composite reinforcement. The upper side is finished with sand/talcum. The lower side is self-adhesive and is protected by a strip-off film.


SOPRAVAP STICK C 15 is used as vapour barrier on steeldeck, concrete or wooden substrate for buildings with climat class A1 to E4 (roofing system with thermal insulation fixed with cold adhesive or hot bitumen).

- adhesive membranes Fireproof (flame-free system),
- excellent adhesion and no drilling of the structure,
- quick and easy installation,
- membrane thickness 1,5 mm,
- composite reinforcement (g/m²) MDV 120,
- coating mass self,
- upper side Sand/talcum,
- free selvedge PE film,
- lower side PE film.


SOPRAVAP STICK C 15 is applied on a smooth, clean and dust-free substrate. Porous substrates, steeldeck, stone roofs are first impregnated with a primer (ELASTOCOL 600). On coated steeldeck, a primer is not compulsory but strongly recommended. On the dust free substrate the roll is unrolled, aligned and rolled up to approximately 2/3rd of the length of the roll. When utterly unrolling the lane, the protective film on the lower side is removed. The membrane is then pressed with a semi-hard roller. The surface on which the primer has been applied should be covered the same day. Ambient temperature at application should be 10°C min. In cold weather, it is recommended that the rolls should be kept at a minimum temperature of + 10°C for at least 12 hours before installation.


- Dimensions of the roll (m): 20 x 1,10
- Weight of the roll (kg): 31
- Number of rolls per pallet: 20

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