VAPOBAC is a vapour barrier and a flame-barrier used on steel deck or on perforated steel deck.


VAPOBAC is used as a separating layer between synthetic and bituminous membranes and also used as a vapour barrier on steel deck or on perforated steel deck:
- fixed insulating or mechanically,
- fixed waterproofing system (SOPRAFIX).

VAPOBAC must be placed directly onto the previously dusted steel deck:
- Brush and dry the support
- Unroll, place and adjust the roll with 10 cm overlap. Overlaps will be closed with the self.
- Adhesive strip SOPRASOLIN TAN on high hygrometry building.


- Roll dimensions: 150 m x 1 m
- Roll weight: about 35 kg
- Storage: upright on pallet with plastic wrapping, protected against moisture (aluminum face inside)


SOPREMA has always attached the highest importance to Quality Control. For this reason, we operate an independently monitored Quality Assurance System in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, certified by BSI Management System.

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