DALDECOR is a wood decking tile for floating paving system for exterior to be used with fixed or adjustable paving support pads and designed for pedestrian access (for collective and public use).


DALDECOR ensures a fast, simple and durable system of suspended deck finishing as well as paving slabs without battens. DALDECOR is used on balconies, patios, roof decks for pedestrian access and can be taken up at any time to inspect deck, clean or carry out repairs.

- Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm
- Thickness: 44 mm (2 x 22 mm)
- Configuration: 7 surface slats and
- 2 support slats: slat surface 67 mm
- Number of nails: 28 (stainless steel)
- Treatment against biological attack (EN 335): class 4


  • Weight: 14 kg/m²
  • Number of decks / bag: 4 u (1 m²)
  • Number of bags / pallet: 28 u
  • Number of m² / pallet: 28 m²

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