The drainage outlets ALSAN® Depco PVC are composed of a flexible plate of a stump and PVC. All assembled by a crimping expanded process, exclusive patented . ALSAN® Depco components: - Fleece with nonwoven polyester reinforcement SEBS. - Thickness = 1 mm. - Front upper and lower face polyester. - PVC tube - Ep 1.2 to 1.5 mm. - Height 400 mm stump. - Diameter: 50, 75, 95. Do you need more informations about our liquid waterproofing solutions, do you need technical data sheet, documentation, more ?

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- Flexibility and durability: ALSAN® Depco distances form traditional EEP by its flexibility garanteeing optimal adaptation to the support. - Fast implementation. - Light and resistant.


- Carry out a recess on a surface of 35 x 35 cm², and at the outlet, make a slope. - Apply primer on the support over the entire surface according to the indications of the waterproofing system. - After drying, apply a coat of ALSAN® 500 glue(*) in the area of the plate. - Insert the pipe ALSAN® Depco into place. - Apply the waterproofing system ALSAN® to the edge of the hole. Options: 6a- In the case of a ALSAN® 500 system . Apply a layer of colored ALSAN® 500 F resin or Alsan 500 FT transparent resin. Sprinkle with ALSAN® 500 Decorative Glitter in the fresh resin. Cover with a layer ALSAN® 500 FT after drying. 6b- In the case of a tile bonded system , use silica to cover the ALSAN®, then sweep after drying.


Storage: On a flat surface away from the weather and high temperatures variations.

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