Alsan® Voile de Renfort (Reinforcement fleece)

Alsan® Voile de Renfort is a light weight flexible and elastic reinforcement made with a non-woven polyester fleece use with Alsan® waterproofing systems (PU resins).


Alsan® Voile de Renfort improves tear strength, puncture resistance, flexural fatigue and capabilities of crack bridging while maintaining membrane uniformed to be conform to any shape, irregular penetrations and other surfaces. It has excellent coating saturation capabilities into elastomeric polyurethane resins. Alsan® Voile de Renfort strengthens any surface susceptible to cracking (angles, junctions of walls, connecting materials...).


  • Mix and apply Alsan® resin in strict accordance with SOPREMA instructions.
  • Apply mixed resin liberally to the prepared surface with a roller using a broad, even stroke.
  • Roll out the non-woven polyester veil onto the liquid resin, making sure that the roll is unrolling smooth and without any wrinkles or fish mouths.
  • Alsan® Voile de Renfort will begin to rapidly saturate with the liquid resin.
  • Allow the fleece to saturate with resin from bottom up. Using a roller, wet the veil with resin applying light pressure.
  • Use a medium nap roller to eliminate any air bubbles, wrinkles, etc.
  • Apply additional liquid resin mix on top of veil until fully saturated and the layer of resin is fully and evenly applied.
  • The coat should be smooth and uniform.


- Dimensions: 0.10 m x 50 m or 0.20 m x 50 m.
- Storage: indefinite with proper storage, store in cool and dry location.
- Store rolls in stand-up position to avoid flattening and deforming.
- Storage temperature: >5°C.

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