Alsan® 500 FT

Alsan® 500 FT is a ready-to-use UV resistant watertight aliphatic polyurethane resin, accessible by pedestrians.


Alsan® 500 FT is a transparent finishing layer to be used with coloured DECO chippings for Alsan® 500 Liquid Waterproofing System procedure to be used without additional protection. Alsan® 500 FT is used in the Alsan® 500 waterproofing kit, wish conforms to European Technical Approvals ETA-07/0111, confirm by the CE marking. Alsan® 500 FT provides stronger weight resistance and makes cleaning easier. For new work and renovation.


Alsan® 500 FT must be applied with a brush or roller according to technical instructions. Product must be well mixed in order to obtain a proper homogenisation of components.

  • Product cleaning: Diluant V or Diluant L (thinners)
  • Approximate consumption: 1 layer of 300 g/m²


  • Cans: 5 kg or 25 kg
  • Storage: 6 months in original, unopened container, turned upside-down and kept away from heat
  • Storage temperature >5°C

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