Alsan® 176 is a PMMA based, fast-curing, filled scratch-coat primer.


Alsan® 176 is used as a barrier on highly absorbent mineral substrates in preparation for the later application of Alsan® PMMA resins. Alsan® 176 is specifically designed for use on highly porous substrates.


- Optimum filling of pores and pinholes
- Minimal run-off on vertical surfaces
- Very good adhesion on absorbent substrates
- Fast-curing
- Hydrolysis and alkali resistant
- Solvent free


  • Material:
    2-component, fast-curing PMMA based (polymethyl methacrylate) scratch-coat primer, made thixotropic and filled with quartz sand. Alsan® 176 is unpigmented.
  • Technical data:
    - Density: 1,37 g/cm³
  • Consumption:
    - Smooth: 0.8 kg/m²
    - Fine-sandy: 0.9 kg/m²
    - Rough: 1.2 kg/m²


Application equipment / tools:
- Mixing of the product: suitable mixer (ex. paint mixer)
- Applying of the product: smoothing trowel

Substrate preparation
® 176 must only be applied to a prepared substrate. Please refer to the appropriate application guide for information about correct surface preparation.


- First stir the tub contents thoroughly.
- Then add the catalyst whilst stirring at a low speed for 2 minutes.
- Make sure that all material on the side and base of the pot is mixed in.
- At temperatures below 10 °C the product should be stirred for 4 minutes as the catalyst will take longer to dissolve.

- Use a smoothing trowel to apply an even, film forming layer of primer.
- Avoid creating any build-up of material.
- Once the coating has cured, apply a second coat to cover any defects (bubbles, areas not fully coated).


Packaging: can of 10 kg.
® 176 is supplied without Alsan® 070 catalyst.


  • Store in original sealed packaging in a cool, dry and frost-free place.
  • Avoid warm storage areas (> 30 °C) even for brief periods, for example on site.
  • Consequently the products must not be exposed to direct sunlight or kept in a vehicle.
  • Unopened products have a shelf life of at least 12 months.
  • After opening, reseal the packaging so it is completely airtight.


EAN 13 - 10 kg : 3434550328548

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