Alsan® 320

Alsan® 320 is a ready-to-use UV resistant watertight acrylic resin, solvent-free and odorless.


Alsan® 320 is a fast and effective remedy for damage caused by bad weather. Alsan® 320 can be applied simply in any weather conditions. It adapts and follows the movements of all substrates without cracking, thanks to its high elasticity.


Alsan® 320 is the main constituent in the Alsan® 320, liquid waterproofing system procedure, to be use without additional protection.

Specific indications regarding the application of the product can be found by referring to the technical instructions for:
-Waterproofing for domes, cornices, arches, gutters…
- Renovation of old waterproofing membranes or asphalt.
- Renovation of metal decking or fibre-cement flat sheets.
- Minimum roof slope: 1% Alsan® 320 must be applied with a brush or a roller, a squeegee or a spray gun according to technical instructions onto primer-covered surfaces. Ensure that the product is well mixed in order to obtain a proper homogenisation of components.
- Product cleaning: use Diluant V or L (thinners). The product must be used in dry, sunny/windy weather, with a temperature above + 5°C, for a faster drying process.


  • Cans: 5 kg and 25 kg.
  • Storage: 24 months in a cool, dry area with original, unopened container turned upsidedown.
  • Storage temperature: >5°C
  • Approximate consumptions:
- For corners and details only: corner reinforcement: (ALSAN® Toile de Renfort or Voile de Renfort fleece) embedded with ALSAN® 320 (800 g/m²) to be covered by the main area.
- Main area: (to applied on corners and roof) 2 layers of 1kg/m².

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