Alsan® Flashing

Alsan® Flashing is a ready-to-use watertight bitumen-polyurethane resin, to be used for upstands.


Alsan® Flashing is adapted to different supports as well as unusual shapes. It is 100% compatible with bituminous waterproofing membranes. Alsan® Flashing is used to waterproof the upstands, in new construction work or maintenance. Alsan® Flashing is designed to replace traditional waterproofing bitumen layer. Alsan® Flashing is also used for Civil Engineering construction.


- flame free,
- no need to primarise,
- economic alternative: does not need the use of bande soline, engravure, couvertine,
- fast and simple implementation: ready-to-use single-component resin,
- durable: does not deteriorate with age,
- innovative and ingenious resin that guarantees an extremely reliable waterproofing: excellent adhesion to the support, extension capacity of 500%, attractive effect when combined to the decorative chips.


Alsan® Flashing must be applied with a brush or a roller, according to technical instructions, from 2 to 3 layers on dry and clean surface, without primer. Ensure that the product is well mixed in order to obtain a proper homogenization of components. Product cleaning: use Diluant V or L (thinners).


  • Cans: 5 kg or 15 kg
  • Storage: 12 months in original, unopened container turned upside-down, away from heatsources
  • Storage temperature > 5°C

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