SOPRASTICK® SARKING is a flexible lightweight SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membranes with a stabilized glass/polyester reinforcement.


The self-adhesive strips on the underside are protected by a silicone release film. SOPRASTICK® SARKING is covered by fine sand.

- first layer (semi-loose) auto,
- adhesive reliability,
- flexible and resistant composite reinforcement,
- the SBS elastomer bitumen guaranties flexibility when cold,
- the resin adheres easily to the supports,
- easy application:auto-adhesive membrane.


SOPRASTICK® SARKING is to be used as a self-adhesive and semi-independently as a complementary waterproofing layer for mountain climate roofs. All the applications are described in the French Standards DTU, Technical Guidelines or Technical Approvals. For further details refer to specific technical information. SOPRASTICK® will be laid semiindependently onto suitable substrate (primer ELASTOCOL 350 or ELASTOCOL 600 may be used), after removing the protecting silicone film.


- Roll dimensions: 10 m x 1 m
- Roll weight about: 32 kg
- Rolls per palet: 25
- Storage Upright on pallet with plastic wrapping, protected against moisture

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