SOPRATUILE® is a bituminous shingle with a glass fibre mat reinforcement intended for covering roofs with a pitch of over 20%.


Advantages of the product:
- exeptionally resistant to physical stress,
- aesthetic,
- designed for creative architectural solutions,
- a wide range of models and colours,
- easy implementation,
- consistent quality.


Colours available:
- shaded brown,
- shaded red,
- shaded green,
- red,
- lichen grey,
- terracotta,
- slate,
- black


SOPRATUILE® is installed on roofs with pitches of 20% or more, the gauge is determined on the basis of:
- the climatic region in plains (specific regulations for high altitude),
- the horizontal projection of the slope pitch,
- the pitch.
The shingles must be nailed to a continious wooden deck board type or chipboard type. The wooden deck should be made up of wood panels or chipboard which are certified for outdoor use. Use slotted nails with large heads (diameter 1 cm) and a minimum lenght of 21 mm. Use nails with a minimum of 30 mm with the Master version. Use Copper nails with the copper version.


- Shingles per pack: 21 (3.05 m2)
- Weight: 32 kg
- Packages per pallet: 44 (134.2 m2)

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