SOPRATUILE®MASTER is a particularly aesthetic shingle: The double- layered tabs provide a unique relief effect, typical for traditional roofs.  


A choice of 8 natural colours allows a good integration with the environment: stone grey, terra cotta, antique stone, wood, light slate grey, dark slate grey, blue, stone green.

- easy implementation,
- high restistance to U.V rays,
- ligth and aesthetic,
- reliable and constant,
- relief effect.


SOPRATUILE®MASTER complies with standard NF EN 544. The shingles are nailed with SOPRATUILE® CLOUS MASTER on a continuous wooden support, soffit ventilated, plain and mountain climates. For details work, SOPRATUILE® COLLE can be use to bond the shingles.


- Shingles/bundle: 14
- Bundles/pallet: 56
- m²/bundle: 2 m²
- Weight/m²: 11.70 kg/m²


SOPRATUILE®MASTER is used as roof shingles and complies with EN 544, thereby bearing the CE standard marking.

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