PLASTIGRILLE is a versatile and resistant synthetic microperforated screen used as roof tile underlay in ventilated slated pitched roof. It will also prevent the ingress of wind-blown rain, dust or snow.


Advantages of the product:
- economic,
- lightweight,
- transparent,
- wide width.


  • On rafters with corrosion-resistant staples or galvanized clout nails as appropriate.
  • Either secured to the support with counter battens at least 12 mm thick to create a drainage and vapour dispersal space between the product and the tiles.
  • May be used over sarking boards of softwood and either with continuous insulation or insulation placed between the rafters. Maximum rafter spacing: 45 cm.
  • PLASTIGRILLE installation can be carried out easily by slaters / tilers experienced with this type of product.


- Roll dimensions: 50 m x 1,50 m (75 m²)
- Roll weight: about 8 kg
- Storage: Upright on pallet with plastic wrapping, protected against moisture


PLASTIGRILLE complies with EN 13859-1 with the CE marking.

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