STRATEC® II S is a versatile synthetic roof underlayer, HPV type (High Permeability to water Vapour) with a high resistance to tearing. It can be laid, either in the traditional way, either on continuous substrate.


Due to its characteristics, STRATEC® II S can be laid directly onto the insulation and can also be used as rain barrier.

  • STRATEC® II S  has a double adhesive strip for the continuous junction of the longitudinal overlaps
  • STRATEC® II S holds the Roofing certification n° 11- 058


STRATEC® II S is laid in compliance with standards and DTU in force as well as installation rules for certified flexible roof underlayments (CSTB guidelines n° 3651- 2).

  • Traditional laying, stretched on rafters or roof trusses :STRATEC® II S is nailed with large head spikes or stapled on rafters.  
  • Direct laying onto insulation : the water vapour permeability (HPV) of STRATEC® II S allows to be laid directly onto insulation.
  • Laying onto continuous support (batten, CTBH particule boards, CTBX plywood panels...): the fastening is made with large head spikes (≥ 10 mm) through STRATEC® II  on the overlaps.


- Dimensions of the roll :

  • Length: ≥ 50 m
  • Width: 1,50 ± 0,02 m

- Weight of the roll: about 12 kg

- Colour: slip light grey topside / slip white underside avoiding slippage on rafters during installation

- Marking: each package bearing the CE marking

- Packaging: 20 rolls lying down per pallet


STRATEC® II S is appropriate as rainscreen for timber frame houses, in compliance with standards NF P 2- 204- 1 (DTU 31.2 – “timber frame houses and buildings”) and NF P 65- 210- 1 (DTU 41.2 – “Exterior wooden cladding”).

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