STRATEC® III is a versatile and resistant synthetic very highly breathable screen (vapour permeable) used as roof tile underlay in ventilated or non ventilated slated pitched roof.


STRATEC® III will prevent the ingress of wind, blown rain, dust or snow andis also used as rain barrier (underlay for walls).

- high permeability to water vapor,
- high mechanical strength,
- suitable for use as a rainscreen,
- maximum spacing between rafters 90 cm.


On rafters with corrosion - resistant staples or galvanized clout nails as appropriate. Either secured to the support with counter battens at least 12 mm thick to create a drainage and vapour dispersal space between the product and the tiles. May be used over sarking boards of softwood and either with continuous insulation or insulation placed between the rafters. STRATEC® III installation can be carried out easily by slaters / tilers experienced with this type of product. It may be used as temporary waterproofing during 8 days.


- Roll dimensions: 50 m x 1,50 m (75 m²)
- Roll weight: 14 kg
- 40 rolls per pallet
- Storage: Upright on pallet with plastic wrapping, protected against moisture

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