STRATHERM® is a roof underlayment HPV (High Permeability to water Vapour) with thermal insulation reinforcement. It is a roof underlayment and radiant heat shielding.


STRATHERM® can be laid, either directly on insulation, either onto discontinuous support with a non- ventilated air space, underneath. Its intrinsic thermal performances combined with its metallic faces, will increase the buildings thermal insulation and improve summer comfort.


  • STRATHERM® is laid in compliance with standards and DTU in force as well as installation rules for certified flexible roof underlayments (CSTB notes N° 3651- 2 of January 2009).
  • STRATHERM® is unrolled, parallel to the gutter line with 10 cm overlapping, by using the upper tongue for slope > 30%. If slope is ≤ 30%, it's necessary to make a suitable sealant bead under the upper tongue.
  • STRATHERM® is a symmetrical product to optimise cuts, waste as well as installation time. For example, an oblique cut used for valley can be reused above, simply flip the product.
  • STRATHERM® is easily cut with a utility knife (for more safety, use a snap- off knife).


  • Traditional laying, stretched on rafters or roof trusses with nonventilated air space underneath: jointing between STRATHERM® and edge or gutter supports is made with a sealant bead to ensure a non-ventilated air space under the screen.
  • Direct laying onto insulation: the water vapour permeability (HPV) of STRATHERM® allows to be laid directly on insulation.


- Roll dimensions: 16 m x 1.6 m (1.5 overall) / 24 m²
- Roll weight: about 14 kg

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