SOPLUTEC® UV is a rainscreen very permeable to water vapour in compliance with DTU 31.2, designed to be laid on vertical walls.


SOPLUTEC® UV is especially suitable to be used behind outer cladding with open joints or slatted wood facade on buildings with timber or metal frame. SOPLUTEC® UV has a double integrated adhesive to ensure overlaps assembly.

- install on boarding, timber framing and insulation,
- integrated double adhesion on laps for better air tightness.


  • Colours: printed black topside, black underside


SOPLUTEC®UV is unrolled on the facade, on continuous or discontinuous support, printed face on the outer side. The double adhesive strip ensures the longitudinal overlaps assembly. The jointings of SOPLUTEC® UV on joineries are made by using a continuous sealant bead of AIR'SOPRASEAL® EXT laid on the rainscreen lower face SOPLUTEC®UV is temporary fastened with nails or staples, then maintained by cleats fixed on the frame.


  • Length: ≥ 50 m
  • Width: 1,50 } 0,02 m
  • Weight of the roll: about 12 kg
  • Marking: each package bearing the CE marking
  • Packaging: 20 rolls lying down per pallet


SOPLUTEC®UV is a rainscreen and complies with EN 13859-2.

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