SOPRASTAR® FLAM is a flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a composite polyester reinforcement.


The topside of SOPRASTAR® FLAM is protected by a white reflective embossed surface and the underside is covered by a thermofusible film. This membrane is designed for Cool Roof applications.

- SOPRASTAR® FLAM resists pollution, but also extreme weather conditions, including temperatures ranging from -20°C to + 100°C,
- at very low temperatures, SOPRASTAR® FLAM remains flexible and not subject to cracking,
- the membrane's static puncture resistance L4 (36 kg) is one of the highest on the market,
- its white lacquered coating is UV-resistant, will not yellow and retains its reflective qualities for years,
- SOPRASTAR® FLAM has an original, shiny, embossed and lacquered white surface that makes it more attractive and guarantees its resistance to dirt.

+ High solar reflectance of 0.78.
+ Emissivity = 0.89. + Compliant with the "Cool Roof" approach.
+ B roof T3 fire protection suitable for public access buildings.


SOPRASTAR® FLAM is used as a finishing layer in all two-ply elastomeric bitumen waterproofing system with 2 % minimum slope. Itmust be applied only by heat welding or torch-on techniques. Hot bitumen must not be used in the bonding process.


SOPRASTAR® FLAM bears the Energy Star® label. SOPRASTAR® FLAM is a flexible membrane for roof waterproofing and complies with EN 13707, thereby bearing the CE standard marking.

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