At an early stage, SOPREMA chose to expand its sales internationally, beginning with the neighbouring countries followed later on by North America. We strive to maintain a local presence, be it through our many subsidiaries or through our trustworthy distributors most of with whom we share historical ties.

Our products are manufactured within 123 production sites all around the world. This allows us to constantly meet our clients’ needs, wherever they may be .

Since 1914, we have perfected our exporting and international product handling services. Our exporting team can count on reliable forwarding companies to ensure that our products always reach their destination in the best conditions.

In 1997,  SOPREMA was awarded the ISO 14001 certificate, testifying of our ever-innovating rule of conduct in terms of environmental handling as well as product and site quality (ISO 9001). At SOPREMA, we guarantee the safe transit of our products from production line to shipping, all over the world.

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